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Managing your money with confidence








· Will you need to start making payments towards your rent and council tax?

· Will the benefit changes affect you?

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Ways to make your money go further…       



· Use cash instead of cards - so you can see what you’re spending

· Write down everything you spend - to gain a clear picture as to how you spend your money

· Shop around - compare prices in the shops and on-line

· Look out for BOGOF’S - Buy one get one free

· Downshift - buy a cheaper brand

· Use ‘money off’ vouchers - see back page for websites offering

· discount vouchers

· Buy in bulk, cook in bulk and freeze

· Look in reduced section of supermarket

· Do your supermarket shop in the evening, most supermarkets

· reduce perishable food prices after 8pm

· Make a shopping list - and try to stick to this!

· Save loyalty points

· Home cook rather than buy takeaways

· Pay cash and ask for a discount

· Use charity or vintage shops

· Go dotty! Some shops put a red or black dot on the laundry  label to secretly indicate to staff that the item will be lower in price. So it may be worth waiting for the sale.

· Buy at an auction or car boot sales

· Check out local newspaper/corner shop window small ads

· Book in advance - often cheaper for train and bus fares

· Freecycle -

· Save up for things—cheaper than getting credit

· Only use a cash machine once a week

· Check benefit entitlement -


Free budget sheets are available from

Basildon Citizens Advice Bureau






Energy Bills..

If you are disabled, of pensionable age, have a long term health   condition or are bringing up children on your own you may be

entitled to some help.

Contact your energy supplier for further information British Gas - Home Energy Care - 0800 072 7100

British Gas - Warm Home Discount Scheme - 0800 072 8625

EDF Energy - Priority service register - 0800 169 9970

Eon - Caring energy - Priority service register - 0800 051 1480

Npower - Warm response Team - 0808 172 6999

Scottish and Southern Energy - Careline - 0800 622 838


Home Heat Helpline - advice on reducing bills, grants and cheaper ways to pay for your gas and electricity

0800 33 66 99


Same price for prepayment meters

Ebico Ltd - non profit gas and electricity supplier offering same prices for all customers regardless of payment method

0800 458 7689


Water Bills…

Contact your water company helpline if you are having difficulty  paying your bill. Have you considered a water meter to reduce charges?

Watersure Scheme (available for customers with a water meter)

If you have three or more children or a medical condition and claim a qualifying benefit you can ask for your bill to be capped allowing you to manage your accounts and bills easier.

0845 850 5852

Age UK—Surviving Winter

Over 65 years and in receipt of benefits register for a warm pack         including fleece and hot water bottle 01245 245455







Benefit changes April 2013


Council Tax Benefit change to Council Tax Support

Changes to the above benefit will mean that everyone of working age and in receipt of benefits will pay at least 15% of their council tax bill. The

calculation of support will also reflect a flat £10 per week deduction for any non– dependent adult residing in council tax payers property.

Pensioners are not affected.

Housing Benefit

A size limit rule is being introduced. If, under new rules it is decided you have more bedrooms than necessary for your household your housing

benefit will be reduced by:

· 14% if you have 1 extra bedroom

· 25% if you have 2 or more extra bedrooms

You should speak to your local authority Housing Benefit/Housing Service or CAB as soon as possible.


Useful websites:

·—online help and information from

         Basildon District CAB

·  - Citizens Advice online help and advice

· - consumer money saving tips,

         advice and free money saving guide

· - free and confidential advice with

        specialist help also available over the telephone 0808 808 4000

· advice


Discount Vouchers:





Energy price comparison - Find out how much you can save by switching energy suppliers. The following websites are accredited by consumer focus:                          0800 404 7908                   0800 011 1395         0845 345 5708